Hi guys,

I have a question on huge maps and file sizes. I have a request to do an A0-sized map but I ran some tests and I dont think I my hardware/software can support this. I have decent stuff (vista / i7 cpu / 64bit / 6gb ram) and currently use PS CS3. Converting some old maps (15 layers or so) to this size was possible but sort of sort-of blew up my computer, and I couldn't even save the image afterwards. Also scrolling/panning took about 2 minutes with every step or so.

I saw loads of tuning tips on PS sites I may be able to go through these (although I'm no PC tuning expert) and see what will work, but maybe any of you have experience with these large-map-sizes and pc-configuration (so I at least know it is possible to get this working, before I try loads of stuff)? Maybe its the CS3 version as I read CS4/5 has better performance with large files (and using the 64bit)...? any info appreciated!