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Thread: *** April 2010 Challenge Voting - Brewhome ***

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    Post *** April 2010 Challenge Voting - Brewhome ***

    Let's get ready to rumblllllleeeeee......

    This month's challenge was to make a world map with at least one continent fleshed out with detail. There were to be certain cities included on the map: Heimmaerr, Thorsgrimm, Hallowdwelf, and Burdisson Brewery for the dwarves; at least one elf city/town, and at least one human port city with some extra smaller towns, and some villages for ogres. There had to be at least 13 interesting places to visit so other names were up to the cartographer. If you read the links provided on the deviant art page or website of the sponsor you would have also found names for a few other places that were included in the stories: Liverton, Mallowhedge, Freyhurst, Boar's Head, and Poorsgate. You would also have found the name of the mountain range where the dwarves live...Northpeak Range. Thus there was a little bit of homework to do but it was not mandatory so maps not including these extra places should not be graded down.

    To view the entrants' maps, click here.

    Remember, vote for three (3).

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