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    Praise A tribute!

    So, I was walking along the dusty road - on my way to my next big assignment. The dwarven city I left were pleased with my work but unfortunatly ran out of money and thus had to terminate my contract until they could mine more gold. I decided to return to my hometown of Breakwater and see if there was some work there to be done. It was a cold day the northern winds chilling me and making me oblivious to the sounds the giant made as he stepped round the forest edge.
    I looked up as his shadow hit me, sank and took a step back as I fumbled for my sword. He raised his club, I could see its name etched into the side of it in crude letters "GRATION".
    "Lower your club - we don't have to fight" I shouted over the wind.
    He looked at his club with a dumbfounded look.. "MY GRATION" he said, as he brought it down over me...

    I awoke later, everything black around me. I tried to speak but my voice was gone, I tried to astral project entering anothers body, but kept getting returned to my own. I were like this for some time until I managed to reach out through a spell to close friends. They were not able to help me themselves but quickly sought help with the very man who had slewn the Giant some days earlier. Being a force of good, Arcana speed to my rescue and fought with his companion Rob A to release me from the magic cage the club had imprisoned me in.

    They managed through a dublicate spell to allow me to return to my life ,as they still struggle to connect me with my true body and all my memories.

    THIS is a tribute to those guys - who didn't flinch in the face of danger and came to the aid of a simple man of the community - THANK YOU
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