.."Hi doctor Nick"

Hello, I'm njordys. I'm new here. Dunno what more to say..

I've always liked maps, when i was around five years old i used to go over my mothers atlas with a pencil and dot in the flight paths I was going to fly when i grew up. That wasnt so popular when i was discovered.

I love scenery, I've grown up in a very idyllic place, scenery-like at least. So I have been attracted to how enviroments look. I've probably spent years looking on maps, trying to figure out how it would look like in those places with odd shapes and colours. It's all very rewarding for me, but my friends think I'm weird.

I've also made my share of maps and missions for rts-games. I'm so looking forward to starcraft 2.

I have deviantart-page at http://www.njordys.deviantart.com/ if someone wants to check it out