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    Map Regional map

    Hello all,

    This is based on a map I posted 1 year ago using RobA's mapping guides. This new one uses Paizo's amazing PS guide and I want to thank him for the wonderful tutorials.

    Once again a few of the names are TM of Wizards of the Coast.


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    Nice map you've done there - I recognize the style, used it myself in my Mountain Realms map. A couple of comments ... the field/grass areas could use a bit more bumpiness - they are very smooth in comparrison to the rest of the map. You have to look at your rivers - rivers only go together they don't split (two rivers enter - on river leaves... like cagefigthing) so follow the flow of each river and make sure it doesn't split
    The ocean is a bit strong - maybe a slight tone down .. other than that looking good, and remember to throw a scale and a compass in there somewhere
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    Pazio? isn't is Pasis? but none the less great start!
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    Yandor is right, humble apologies to Pasis I posted this a tad late

    Thanks for the advice, I'm about to start another one and I'll keep it in mind.

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    This is a good lookin' map; I recognize the Pasis tutorial base there, but you've done a great job creating your own map with it ^.^ I used that tutorial myself for my first (digital) maps. One thing I found that helps with that water texture - I used it and yeah, it's strong o.o - is to play with the opacity and layer modes (if you've got PS). It might also be a good idea to overlay a darker color without a texture or pattern, set it to multiply and/or lower the opacity and use that for deeper water. I haven't used that water pattern in a while, but it is a good one if toned down a bit. Good luck with this and your next map!

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    Map My work..

    That's excellent map! This also my map of a region in My Imaginary country... seem more "scientific" haha
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