Just wanted to let you all know that today and tomorrow we plan on making the transition to the new host. This will involve us shutting off all attachment/album permissions sometime today, because transferring those files will take the longest, and if we can prevent new attachments from being posted it will make that transition much more streamlined. Once all the attachments have been transferred, we will copy the rest of the site over, and at the final moment, we'll shut the website down and begin the database transition and domain transfer. The website will be turned on at the new host once all tests have been completed, and then once everyone's dns has propagated the new host should start appearing.

I'll be using the websites facebook page to keep everyone posted regarding any delays or problems, and I'm hoping that downtime will be very limited. But be prepared for several hours of site unavailability tomorrow.

I'd like to thank once again all the Gracious Donors that really pulled through on the recent call for donations. Without your contributions we'd not be where we are today, and this host change should make things better if all goes well.