Greetings, one and all!

My apologies too, though I'm the one who paid for my oversight. I actually registered for the forum some time ago, as I've long been fascinated by maps. For some reason I didn't follow through on my interests, and it's taken 'til now for me to see what I missed out on. Browsing around these boards again today I have been soundly inspired and provoked into thought. I hope I can make amends and start joining in henceforth!

I'm a games design graduate from the UK, currently about as unemployed as any graduate could expect to be in this country. :/ As I noodle about with writing, designing and illustrating for my portfolio projects, I've returned to my cartographic passion on a few occasions.

I'm also reuniting myself with maps from the everyday world, thanks in part to BBC Four's recent The Beauty of Maps documentary series. (I'm sure it's been mentioned here already, but if you haven't yet I strongly recommend you boot the BBC iPlayer up and take a look!)

It certainly seems I've come to the right place at long last; it's a pleasure to meet you.