I am working on my visual effects portfolio project, for which I need several fairly high-detail models of the Nazca plateau in Peru. I have a 16-bit tiff DEM of the plateau at a resolution of 821 x 523. So far, my efforts at using this heightfield as a displacement map in Maya have given me poor results. The geometry I am getting is adequate for my high-altitude and satellite shots, but I'm going to need more resolution in order to get the closer shots. What I need, then, is a way to increase the resolution of the DEM and add some plausible-looking noise without disturbing the gross features.

I haven't dealt with DEMs much, so I do not have a workflow established to deal with this problem. I opened up Wilbur to see what it could do for me, but it won't import a Tiff, and I am not sure how to convert my data to a format it can use. Is Wilbur the best tool for this job? Are there other options I should look at? I am not unwilling to spend some money on this project, but probably not more than US$200.