Hello everyone, and, as it seems common on introduction threads, I don't know what to say

My name is Skirmante (whoever pronounces it gets a cookie ) and I'm from Lithuania, that's a small country far far away in East Europe As it also appears to be common here for non-native speakers to apologize for their imperfect English, so do I

I came here some two weeks ago, searching for... brushes, I think, and simply couldn't resist joining. I've been playing table-top RPGs for several years, GMing them, mostly, and creating maps for campaigns, which sometimes proved to be more fun than actually running the campaign. Most of them were done on paper (one is nearly one meter wide and twice that long ), mostly because I had no idea how to draw on a computer. Or more like it seemed extremely complicated and time-consuming and I never had a good teacher.

And then I come here, see all the wonderful tutorials, start following them immediately and never find the time to properly introduce myself So, two weeks late, hello