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Thread: [WIP] Star Empire of Manticore (Fan Project)

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    Default [WIP] Star Empire of Manticore (Fan Project)

    I'm reading David Weber's Honor Harrington series for probably the fifth time, and every time I read it I want to map it. This time I'm doing it.

    I've taken the maps from all of the books and combined them into a (mostly) consistent scale. The main map is 4px/ly, the Talbott Cluster callout is 3px/ly, and the Silesian Confederacy is considerably zoomed in, but I haven't calculated the exact scale yet.

    So here we have a starfield background, the placement of about 90% of the stars, the Manticoran Wormhole and its termini (yellow lines) and the callout layouts.

    I'd like to do another callout in the top right, but that may have to be the space for the legend. We'll see how it goes.

    For any fans of the books that may notice that the borders of the various polities are a bit out of date, I'm working through this chronologically, so this is showing the political scene as it was in the first few books. The final will show changing of hands throughout the Havenite Wars, and my goal is to show the scene as it is at the end of Mission of Honor. I'll warn folks if there are any spoilers from MoH, in case anyone's waiting for the hard copy to come out in a couple months.

    Incidentally, there's a map on the wikipedia page for the books that I'm not using as a reference ... I disagree with some of the artist's interpretations, and it doesn't lend itself well to the scale callouts I'm using.
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