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    Wip Isoyni (WIP)

    Hey there, this is my current project, a work in progress. I have tweaked on this map for some time now, but I feel I'm ready for some feedback and perhaps tips and tricks on how to improve it. I'm open for suggestions on anything (althought suggestions I dont agree with wont be added ofcourse ).

    Basicly, I am a newb at using computer programs to enhance my maps. I have some basic knowledge about GIMP, but it is very limited. Keep that in mind if you have fancy ideas on what I should do with this I need thoroughly advice.

    However, I have an aim to make the towns (the red) to look like towns, and not just red blobs.

    As you can see I am going for that bright-colored, almost childrens-story-book look. I want this island to be vibrant fantasy island, full of life. There is a background story, this is a way past the apocalypse- setting. Here is the basic layout:

    Currently, Isoyni is an island-group located in northeastern Greenland, around 20 000 years from now. The ice of Grenland has melted and the island is fertile and now flourishes. Most of mankind have perished in diseases, but there are a few survivors. Civilization is long gone.
    However, there are some remaining artifacts of the old ways still in the world. Nano-technology artifacts, far superior to our own modern technology, still exist and are hunted by the various human groups in this area. Those who control these artifacts gain magic-like abilities.

    This is a work in progress, nothing is hammered in stone.

    Now, the name Isoyni comes from the norwegian word for ice, "is", and a norwegian dialect-word for island, "°yni, °yna". So what sounds better, Isoyni or Isoyna?

    Guess thats all for now
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