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Thread: Good YT-1760 Deck Plans

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    Default Good YT-1760 Deck Plans

    The YT-1760 is one of the coolest looking Starships CEC ever made. Even though it didn't come with shields or weapons, it was, like all other ships in the YT-series, very customizable so those systems it was "missing" could easily be installed.

    I have looks around and i simply cant find any good deck plans for this ship. In fact I have only found three, and all of them are pretty poor quality. Either misshaped, or simply incomplete.

    Would some one here be willing to do this ship some justice. Sadly I can't pay you anything more than the love and adoration of Star Wars fans from around the world.

    Here is a link to one of the best 3d models of the ship I have ever seen. ---> Link <--- The same artist also did a deckplan, but it is rather...well, it shows that (s)he really didn't put much time or thought into it. At least not as much as (s)he did for the hull.
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