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  • Raster (bought) [e.g. Photoshop, PaintShopPro, Painter]

    697 53.99%
  • Raster (free) [e.g. GIMP]

    513 39.74%
  • Vector (bought) [e.g. Illustrator, Corel Draw, Xara]

    289 22.39%
  • Vector (free) [e.g. Inkscape]

    251 19.44%
  • Vector (Symbol driven) [e.g. CC, Dunjinni]

    320 24.79%
  • Online Generator [e.g. City Map Generator, Fractal World Generator]

    109 8.44%
  • Fractal Generator [e.g. Fractal Terrains]

    184 14.25%
  • 3d modelling [e.g. Bryce, Vue Infinite, Blender]

    163 12.63%
  • Scanned hand drawn maps

    431 33.38%
  • Drawing Tablet and pen [e.g. Wacom]

    358 27.73%
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Thread: New to Digital Cartography? Software General Information

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    Previously, AppleWorks, then Photoshop Elements (4). Now, GIMP. I also recently downloaded Inkscape, which is slooow. But then so is GIMP. Maybe that's what happens when your latest map is 4743 x 2803.

    As for why... well, arguably, software is completely wasted on me. I've been drawing maps (by hand) since as long as I can remember but probably one of the formative experiences of my life was encountering the USGS 7 1/2 minute series of topographic maps around age twelve, which I became mildly obsessed with replicating. Being a complete weirdo (>.>) and not knowing anything about how to actually use raster editors I just took out the pencil and paint bucket tools and started drawing contours. With a trackpad. Thus, while I still have GIMP and Inkscape and while I have been drawing maps for a long time it's still fairly accurate to call me a newbie since I haven't seriously exploited any of those programs' full potential. Probably.

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    I've been mainly using GIMP lately and with the help of some tutorials here I actually managed to get some results. I also baught a tabelt a few years ago, but I don't use it regulary.
    This Semester I wanted to take an course named "GIS for historians", sadly it collided with antoher course I had to take, so I continue to remain ignorant to the subject.

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    I use Photoshop, just because that is what I learned to use, long ago. I am frankly intimidated by the learning curve that GIMP seems to have. I also make extensive use of Fractal Terrains since nothing I draw can even come close to the generated landforms.

    I am including Tablet and pen since I do most of my artistic endeavors on an old HP convertible tablet with the nifty Wacom-enabled tablet screen. I only rarely draw by hand though because the results are always depressingly craptacular.

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    From 2004 through 2010, I worked on a Windows system and primarily used PaintShop Pro, with a Wacom Intuos stylus and tablet. I had Photoshop Elements, but I liked PSP better because it handles both raster and vector; I also tried GIMP but the interface was not working very well on my system, it was difficult to "grab" items, etc.. In 2010, I moved to an Ubuntu desktop and though PSP works fairly decently on Wine, I started using GIMP more, especially when I discovered that newer versions worked much more smoothly, at least on Linux. I added Krita and Inkscape to my tools for vector work and also discovered MyPaint, a sweet little Open Source painting program that lets me do art much more "naturally," allowing me to work as on paper. I finish the work on GIMP for layer effects.

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    I started out with CC3 and Adobe Photoshop (since I already had it). Since joining this site, things are changing a bit. I'm still using CC3 (I find it to be a really cool program the more I get into it) but I also got a Wacom tablet. Now that I have it, I'm starting to use Photoshop more, but as I read more and more things here, I am thinking of switching to GIMP and also tinkering in Inkscape. I'm considering this since the version of PS I have is CS3, and I'd rather have new software to better use the tutorials around, but I can't afford an upgrade of Adobe products.

    Just to put it out there, the more I use the Wacom, the more I love it!

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    Hello everyone, I am new around here and have to say that I admire the community and resource and knowledge base you have built here.

    As to the discussion - for those who would like to use CAD, but are not willing to pay the ridiculous prices of AutoCAD and similar I have an option - progeCAD. I am using it at work for years now. The full version is priced at less than 1/10th of the AutoCAD and they have a free non-commercial version with 2D only that is called "progeCAD SMART!". It shares commands with AutoCAD (it is built at IntelliCAD platform as is AutoCAD) and the only difference I have found is that it uses the interface very similar to AutoCAD 2007 compared to the newer AutoCAD versions. I am using it in combination with Inkscape as it can be easily printed to .pdf via a built-in printer.

    Good mapping to all. :-)
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    Mapping Software I use? Well, I'm doing 3d modelling most of the time. Specifically I use Blender for just about everything, for better or for worse. Of course I'm not oposed to scanning hand drawn maps. Although honestly I only did that for my one page dungeon contest submission as of late. I tried drawing a map with pen and tablet using OpneCanvas, but I'm not quite comfortable enough using my tablet.

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    I love cc3 and it was one of the hardest things to learn (so far anyway). Honestly Joe Sweeny's Video tutorials HELPED A LOT!!!!!!!!

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    I had purchased a copy of CC3 after coming across their site, and I agree that I wasn't so interested in the symbols as much as the quick ability to put together a map. I then observed PS and taking hand drawn work, and even having the ability to splice large pieces of work together seamlessly. This took me through a one year digital graphic's course to learn both PS and Illustrator. I also like to use Adobe Indesign to put together several graphs into one book. I'm looking forward to really start working and gaining the experiance to place what I dream onto this media.

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    I'm a writer with zero experience in GIMP, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc., and I can't draw for sheit. What I do have is a fertile imagination and a hankering to start making maps. Is CC3 a good place to start? Anything that allows me to drag/drop/point/click is preferred.



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