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    So something quick, huh? I decided to work on Sc-Fi map since I hardly ever make them. Also borrowing some ideas from Avatar (the movie), this is a late 21st century version of my Assassin's Lair map entry from June 2009.

    The Avatar Infiltrator Module: utilized by a military special ops unit dedicated in xeno-infiltration. The operative is thoroughly trained in language and technical training appropriate for several alien species to work as both a spy and an assassin. The avatar bio-link bed sits at the center, surrounding by a panel of monitors used for select which xeno-form is to be used to carry the consciousness of the operative for the prepared mission. While some monitors will show the selected alien on screen, some will show the planet of concern, the dropsite, and other scientific data required to prepare such a mission. (Not all the monitors will be active).

    Once the xeno-form (grown alien lifeform) is selected, the operative lays in the avatar link bed at the center of the map and goes to sleep. His consciousness is uploaded through the neural network into the pre-seleced alien body.

    Not yet in this map, six or eight cryogenic sleep chambers each containing a different alien body awaits consciousness upload for the spy/assassin operative to awaken within. The unit will open and out steps the transferred agent. (Sleep chambers with various aliens is next on the agenda for creation, followed by the formed outer walls or containment bulkheads, in this case.)

    At the top of the map is the transporter chamber where the operative within his uploaded xeno-form will be molecularly transfered to the selected site location in (ship, planet, space station) whereever the mission is required and perform it. (See the transporter chamber at the top of the map.)

    Some various monitoring equipment will be placed otherwise, that's all I plan for this "module" - so aliens, cyrogenic chambers, outer walls and some equipment is all I have left for the main map. I will come up with some kind of border/frame, a title display and that's about it. The aliens will be the most work. There will be no grid in the end, making this entry better suited to use in a VT app. Due to the high tech nature of the intended design - all Xara bevel effects and 3D elements only, no hand-drawn stuff in this map.

    Progress so far...


    ### Latest WIP ###
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