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  • 99 to 1 Club - by A R Frost

    0 0%
  • Dwarven Tunnel Tavern - by Aval Penworth

    13 41.94%
  • Tavern of the Delfolk - by Map Vandal

    3 9.68%
  • Blue Winter's Branch - by paradox_wanderer

    12 38.71%
  • Crows feet - a gnome bar and brewery - by tilt

    3 9.68%
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Thread: *** April/May Lite Challenge Voting - All Bar None ***

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    Default *** April/May Lite Challenge Voting - All Bar None ***

    The entries are in and it's time to vote. This month the challenge was to create an unusual drinking den.

    Here are the entries:

    Please vote for 1 entry only. Remember to rep the entry you vote for, and any other that you feel merit it.

    This poll will end in 4 days - 2pm EST on the 19th of May.

    Good luck to everyone!
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    These were all very good entries, but I had to vote for Aval's tunnel tavern. What a fantastic break from a "normal" tavern; in fact, with your permission, I'd like to use it in my current game.

    Rep to all, well done everybody!

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    I voted for tilt. His inn made me want to go in and move pieces around. Very fun. Rep for all of you competitors.

    My rep tools are a bit fritsy for some reason. Can each of you check to see if I repped you and drop me a PM if I missed?
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    Man this was a tough vote because each entry has its selling points. Tilt's layout is very convincing, Aval's looks like the most fun for me, Vandal's looks like the easiest to print and the most big game company friendly map, Frost's looks like a temple so that fits the unusual req, but I think PW's is the most professional looking so I voted for him....or her, whatever
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    Very nice entries folks.

    AP gets mine because the ambiance is just right for a tavern in my opinion. He's got games to be played, cooking going on and lots of dark areas where whispers can take place. Love it.

    I really liked a lot of things the others did:

    The fish in Tilt's map almost got me, plus he had a waterwheel and that is just cool.
    Map_Vandal had a nice hand drawn look to his which I liked.
    PW's was too perfect except it fit an Elf tavern just about how you might figure those hoity toitys would have it. I liked the heated bathtub! This was so cleanly done it looks like what you would buy in a scenario pack.
    AR Frost had the old school vote. I thought he had more plans for this. I think it could have used a bit more "stuff" in it.

    I will see if I can rep you all now. Thanks for all your effort!

    Nope - seems busted, will do as soon as I can.
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    All good entries ... Aval got my vote cause of a nice combination of a good map and good humor
    but I loved all the maps, really high standards this month
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    Yea My map wasn't finished. And I apologize to all for that. New job with a promotion 2 days in and 50-60 hour work weeks the last three weeks have killed my free time. And to be totally honest I completely forgot about this project. Sorry for leaving it uncompleted.
    The other entries look great...
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    Very difficult this month because of the good maps. So I decided in which tavern I want to drink a beer and that's definitely in Truvvak's Tunnel Tavern! Yeah, drinking and having fun with dwarves and besides playing a round of goblin tossing! That would be fantastic!

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    Whilst Goblin Tossing and Goblin Nook might make for a most memorable evenings entertainment I thought id pass and head over to the Blue Winters Branch.

    Certainly a very high standard set of maps for this month lite challenge.

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