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Thread: *** May/June Challenge 2010: Tell Me a Story ***

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    Post *** May/June Challenge 2010: Tell Me a Story ***

    Sifting through all of the suggestions in the Mapping Challenge Suggestion forum this month, it was clear that Djekspek's idea was very popular with the voters and worthy of having a challenge or two based upon it.

    Tell Me a Story

    Using a favorite book or movie, create a map that illustrates a journey taken by characters in the story with a clear beginning and end. As an example, the journey of Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin from the Shire to Rivendell would be a good choice, whereas the journey from the Shire to the Prancing Pony wouldn't be as good because Bree didn't turn out to be a very good resting spot. The journey should include at least two points of interest along the way. In our example, the ferry, Tom Bombadil's house, the wight's barrow, the Prancing Pony and the watchtower Weathertop would be points of interest.

    This challenge will conclude on June 13, 2010.

    • Only those who have not won a gold compass, a feature map scroll or three silver compasses may participate.
    • Your entry must be an original creation, made specifically for this contest.
    • Use this format for your entry title: May/June Entry: Entry title or description
    • Precede each updated version of your entry with the following: ### LATEST WIP ###

    Go forth and sieze the day, Cartographers!
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