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    Wip Aduro - A Proof of Concept

    Edit: I'll be moving this to another thread after the next update. This was basically to make sure the concept works. Now that I know it does, I'll move it to it's own thread to contain the WIPs and maps for the project.

    I think this might be my first post. I started playing with Fractal Terrains today with a specific goal in mind. I want a world that I can subdivide into segments and then subdivide further for city maps and such.

    No specific goal for today, I just wanted a proof of concept. Here it is so far:

    The planet (Fractal Terrains + 5 minutes in Photoshop)

    Then I did a subset of that as a map and added an inset for detail of the land around one city

    I actually like the planet I have. Now I need to either: Wrap that planet around a google earth setup so I can add political boundaries and such or find a way to draw them directly in Fractal Terrains. I'd rather do it in Fractal Terrains personally.
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