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Thread: Fractal Terrains Image Files Export cutting off top and bottom of map?

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    Help Fractal Terrains Image Files Export cutting off top and bottom of map?

    I'm working on a full world map (expect massive ongoing maps and stupid questions as I proceed) for a project.

    I have the map in Fractal Terrains. It looks great (well, it looks like a great start). What I need now is to get it exported at a ridiculously high resolution. Since FT won't address all my memory I'm exporting to image files and then stitching them together in Photoshop.

    The stitching is no problem. It took me about 30 minutes once I got the image files exported, but then I noticed there was a pretty major issue with the image files themselves. For some reason, FT chopped off the top and bottom of the mercator projection when it exported the images so I'm missing the upper and lower 20 degrees or so of map (mostly water, but missing a few islands and the top and bottom of some continents).

    I have no idea why it did so and couldn't find anyone else that had run into the problem. For now I made a new 'fit' projection and I'm trying to export it using the 'base on current view' option to see if that helps. Unfortunately, it takes almost an hour to generate the files due to their size and FT's memory allocation limits. I'm going to feel very silly if it does the same thing again. Any idea why it would do this and how to avoid it?

    I would attach examples, but the stitched map is 2.5GB in photoshop >.< If needed I'll make a quick resize to show what I'm talking about.

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    Crap, still doing it. Not as much, but definitely still doing it.

    Next step: Take specific slices of those areas and try to stitch them in using some careful resizing.

    Still wondering if anyone else has run into this.

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    You need to speak with Waldronate I think. If you havent got any luck or result in a few days then bump this thread.

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    No luck, but I restitched all of the missing sections. It took 2-3 hours on and off matching size, clips, overlaying and continuing. Not something I'm likely to do again unless I'm getting paid.

    I'm past it at this point, but I'd still be curious as to the cause.

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    It's a bug. The multi-file export thing was intended for the equirectangular projection and doesn't seem to work properly with others (there have been reports that it fails under some circumstances with even the equirectangular projection). The only workaround is to put a pretty good overlap on the images and use that overlap to line them up.

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    Thanks for responding Waldronate. In the end I manually exported sections and manually handled overlap. Time consuming, but at least I know for the future and I don't feel like a dunce for doing something wrong.

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