Check it out everyone! I meant to post this a LONG time ago...but I never got around to it...but off and on I've been using Sketchup to model some buildings here in Florida. My initial plan was to totally 3d model the Naval Air Station I work at, but I haven't been able to spend as much time as I'd like. So far I've modelled (and gotten approved by Google) 3 buildings on Pensacola NAS, and am awaiting approval on my first downtown Pensacola building.

My models:

If you load up Google Earth and zoom down to Pensacola Naval Air Station (Home of the Navy Blue Angels) you'll see that I've modelled the Naval Aviation Museum, the Naval Survival Training Center (where I work and am writing this now), and the small HR building next to my building. Anyone else done any Google Earth modelling?

The NAS will eventually be exported to the flight simulator this is work related.