Hello all,

I'm new to the Cartographers' Guild. I've gotten a lot out of the video tutorial series done by Butch Curry of Zombie Nirvana games. It's on YouTube and it's called "Fantasy Cartography with Adobe Photoshop". It's a few years old, but you can still find it if you do a search on YouTube; alternatively you can look for the ZombieNirvana channel there.

Anyway, I don't have Adobe Photoshop. I use Gimp (as many others in the Guild evidently do). While the video tutorials are great, I have often had to pause the video while I figured out how to do what he was describing in Gimp. It eventually dawned on me that other people might be able to get some use out of what I was figuring out. So I've embarked upon a mission to adapt each of the existing episodes of Curry's tutorial. I don't know how to use Camtasia (yet--it's on my to-do list), so I'm just writing it out. When I'm finished with each episode's adaptation, I'll post it here.