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Thread: Looking for cartographers to create an Atlas style world map and also encounter maps

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    Default Looking for cartographers to create an Atlas style world map and also encounter maps

    Hi Folks!

    I'm currently designing a complete world, called Aruneus, as a supplement for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game system. I've included a summery of this world at the bottom of the post. I also apologize in advance if this is long. There' s a bunch of descriptive text at the end of the post you can skip if you're note interested.

    I'm looking for one or two people who could design several things. First, a world map, atlas style, and next a series of encounter maps (woods/buildings/dungeons, etc.) for a campaign I'm creating. The specifics:

    Commission: I chose "Paid?" because I'm looking for designers who would be willing to enter into a co-op agreement. I am selling these supplements as PDFs through DriveThruRPG. I'm willing to give 25% of my total profits from the sales of any supplements you work on. I've released two free supplements and one $0.99 supplement to date and they are doing well. What this means is I would be paying you at a set interval (say monthly, starting the month after the supplement goes live) via PayPal.

    Time Constraints: The World Map - I am looking to publish the background on the world of Aruneus with the atlas like map in the next month to three months. The Encounter Maps - I'd like to do one adventure module a month if I can. So 4-5 weeks per adventure, which would each contain 1 -2 maps.

    Style: World Map - Artsy, atlas style with broad political boundaries.
    Style: Encounter Maps - styles similar to other commercially available encounter maps. Squares to represent 5' of space, top down view of buildings, woods, dungeons, etc.

    Description: The world of Aruneus currently exists as a fairly bad, horribly colored, automatically generated world map. I've attached it here. I'd like the world to have the same basic continent/ocean setup and everything else is up for discussion. I can get much more detailed with whomever is interested.

    Description: Encounter Maps: This will vary from module to module. Currently I'm working on one encounter with a city wall, a road crossed by a stream, a destroyed bridge and some trees. Also, a short, abandoned mine with a 50' by 40' room underneath.

    Quality/Size: For both they'll require print quality, as I'll be publishing them. The world Map could be roughly 2000x2000 pixels or whatever is near that size as a standard. For the encounter maps, each square has to represent 1". These encounter maps would need to be able to be printed out, in pieces on 8.5 " x 11" paper.

    Copyright: I will have the right to use the image for commercial purposes but you the artist will have the right to exhibit the image, but not to exploit it for commercial gain.

    I hope I'm including all of the information that needs to be included! If anyone is interested, you can either PM me here (I believe this is my 5th post actually) or email me directly at bgerber AT gmail DOT com.

    Here are some details about Aruneus:


    Aruneus is a source book for the Pathfinder Role Playing Game detailing the world, politics and life of those living in a high fantasy world one hundred years after a cataclysmic zombie apocalypse.

    The world was a large place. The four races, Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Orcs existed if not in peace, at least able to survive with each other. Empires were formed, lives created and destroyed, magic flourished and for a brief time, Humanity strove to master the world. Then the undead scourge broke the world.

    It started with a single child, then a family. Soon, a whole village succumbed. Within weeks hordes of mindless, always hungry undead swarmed over the Human empires, destroying any creature that was foolish enough or unlucky enough to fall into their path.

    Although the disease affected only humans, rendering them first dead and then undead in less than two days, the hungry corpses would eat anything warm blooded that fell into their grasp. Mice, cattle, even the great dragons. None were immune. They were not fast or overly strong but their numbers became massive. Weapons proved to be nearly useless against a horde. Magic and fire could do more but sheer numbers, the undead in the thousands proved too much. Worse, they did not seem to decay or become weaker. Years would pass before even the hint of corruption appeared on their bodies.

    One organization, the Order of the White Cloth proved to be a counter to the undead scourge. Able to organize to the point of defending a small but determined group of Human settlements, the clerics proved invaluable. Able to destroy the undead through sheer power of will their protection became vital.

    The Order has become the new nobility. Their upper echelons have become the wealthy elite, admitting very few in to their ranks and supplanting kings and emperors as the new, untouchable power. Anger them and their protection can be withdrawn, leaving you and yours to fend for yourself.

    The Elves and Dwarves too have been decimated by the undead. Their cities ravaged and their population has plummeted. Fear of Humans is a normal reaction. Any who may have been bitten will turn and in turning they will eat flesh endlessly until put down.

    While the Orcs of the north have suffered as well, their frozen country and nomadic ways have gone far to preserve them. For the first time in centuries, a new Orc empire is rising.
    Magic users have become something of a rarity, as the practice and study of magic is a luxury not often had when fighting for mere survival. The Order of the White Cloth has all but outlawed the practice of magic unless it is done on their license, in their temples. The lay people see mages as a curiosity and a person to put their hope into. What is left of the old nobility would seek to manipulate them in their secret war against the Clerics. The Order of the White Cloth simply seeks to use their power without them becoming a threat.

    There are rumors of a small island containing the last operating wizards collage not under the thumbs of Clerical overlords but at this point, they may just be rumors.

    When the undead scourge, some called it the apocalypse, spread through the world it was the grimmest of times. Societies collapsed and Empires fell in the span of a few years. Over ten million sentient beings vanished from Aruneus in a matter of years, many returning as mindless undead. It is only now, one hundred years since that ill fated child destroyed the world that hope can once again be seen in the faces of man, dwarf or elf.

    Walled cities are for the first time in a century growing. The undead are finally succumbing to time and literally falling apart. While still out there, beyond the safety of walls, their numbers are slowly dwindling. The invention of lighter than air craft have reintroduce trade and communications.

    The Order of the White Cloth, seeing their reign beginning to slip, are tightening their yoke on the human population, quashing rumors and allowing only those communications they see fit to pass through their censors. Still, it is hard to stop a rumor.

    A rumor, recently surfaced, hints at a possible cure. A means from keeping a living human infected with the undead Contagion from turning in to one of them. If this were to be true it could be the final answer to the prayers of hundreds of thousands of humans.

    The nobility would kill for this and a chance to seize the reins of power from the Order of the White Cloth. The Order would kill to keep this from diminishing their power. Whole cities would become mobs should they learn that the cure was being withheld from them, or was within reach.

    Should you be given this power and asked to save all of humanity, what would you do with it? Where would you turn and who would you pick to live or to be condemned to shamble and moan and wander always lost?
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    "Description: The world of Aruneus currently exists as a fairly bad, horribly colored, automatically generated world map. I've attached it here."

    Looks like you forgot that part.

    I may be interested in doing the world map. I'd need to see how complex and detailed it is.

    It would also be nice to know how much you've been making on your previous selling supplement, and how long it's been available. I expect sales tapper off after a while. Also did the previous supplement have a nice world/area map? I'd expect that to be a selling point to some degree.
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    I added a link to the image- but don't say I didn't warn you. It's not pretty.

    thanks for pointing that out too.

    Quote Originally Posted by jwbjerk View Post
    "Description: The world of Aruneus currently exists as a fairly bad, horribly colored, automatically generated world map. I've attached it here."

    Looks like you forgot that part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trollitc View Post
    I added a link to the image- but don't say I didn't warn you. It's not pretty.

    thanks for pointing that out too.
    My eyes! My eyes!!!

    Tee hee...good luck with your commission, looks like a fun one to do.

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    I will PM you.
    Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go..

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    Hey all, and sorry about your eyes ravells. I just finished 4 hours of looking at 12 pages worth of zombie material. Now my eyes hurt! I'll be getting back to those of you who PMed me shortly.


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    I think I've found the creator for my Atlas style map.

    I'm still in the market for someone to do town maps and encounter maps. Town maps would be fairly detailed depiction of a town or a portion of a city. Encounter maps would be scaled to 1" = 5' and detail features like walls, trees, items and terrain. They would have to be sized to fit on standard 8.5x11 paper, as multiple tiles for printing a larger map in sections.


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    I've marked this as taken. If you want town / encounter maps done can you please make a separate post for each commission (whether it's for one or more maps) thanks!

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    Sure thing!

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