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    Hello all,

    Recently discovered this site after I purchased CC3 and started digging under every rock I could find to figure out how to use it.

    I'm a long time gamer both Video and TT although more the former than the latter for quite some time ( to the point of being an addict from some peoples perspective ), recently it has turned the other direction and I've been inclined to work on some old material from a game I used to run. First step I decided was to map out the world, Old hand drawn maps I had done those years ago have long since vanished, and I became interested in doing them on the computer after a friend showed me some maps that people had done using Profantasy software .

    I've found lots of useful information (Ah The power of the internet!) but the most useful has come from here. I have to say that the artwork some of you guys produce is just awesome and the community here seems just as great.

    Hopefully I'll get CC3 figured out (it's a bear for me atm, but getting there) and be able to share my vision with everyone soon


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    Hi Kirk!

    Jump on in, ask a few questions, make a few comments, and join the club!

    Um.... ur.... I mean guild. Join the guild!

    -Rob A>

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    Welcome! I am also a relatively new CC3 user, and I found this community invaluable in learning how to use the program. I encourage you to post a thread in the WIP forum, even if you have almost nothing; someone will be along to give you tips and advice. Even the people who use other tools can give very helpful direction.

    Enjoy your stay!
    Bryan Ray, visual effects artist

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    Welcome Kirk! Glad you found us - if you're new to CC3, as all the CC3 users here say, do the tutorials first. Then you might want to start a drawing in the WIP forum and you'll get plenty of help.

    all the best and welcome to the guild.


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    Welcome to the group.

    Yup...tutorials, they really are good to use.

    As a long time CC2 now CC3 user I am still learning stuff in it.
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    Post Thanks

    Thanks for the welcome everyone.

    And yeah I've been going through every tutorial I can find, many times actually, getting it down a bit now I think, so hopefully will have something in WIP forum soon .


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