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    Map Long

    So this is one of the regions of the Long Dynasty.

    I created this map in FM7, which at the time didn't have a function for filling an area with symbols. The Dwarven Mountains took forever.

    A little background. The continent is a fantasy version of feudal China. The dynasty is divided into 3 empires, each rules by a mighty immortal dragon (Thus the name Long). The empire that this region falls into is Long Gam. Long Gam is ruled by the mighty Gold dragon by the same name. He is the embodiment of all that is good and just, and rules his empire fairly but with an iron fist.

    The capitol city sits along the coast at the southern tip of the Dwarven Mountain. Legend holds that Kar, the mighty god of the dwarves, held the mountain in place when Liu Cheng clapped his hands and leveled ground of the world. It is the largest mountain range in the world, and home of the largest population of dwarves in the world. The tunnels under the mountain stretch on for thousands of miles. This is also where Long Gam lives.

    I gotta get to bed right now, but I will post more about this region tomorrow

    [edit] Fixed the image link. Thank you ravells
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