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    Well, I let this project go for almost a whole year again, doing other, non-cartography related things in the meantime. I also noticed that the two versions of Sirius were both older, so I nixed both of them.

    Post is updated with most recent Sirius map, as well as added Toroi and Fuu'u'll maps.

    Little background info. Emaria is not our universe. Scales are smaller between stars and planets, stars are much closer together than our universe, light is instantaneous and ships mostly move fast through a mixture of magic and technology. Gravity is a force made wholly by convenience, which the gods pretty much control as they see fit, and thus "artificial gravity" is not needed even for space ships (called Skyships in-universe). Stars can be any of several colours they can't in our universe, including one star which is not a black hole but in fact a "dark star," a star that actually emits black light.

    That out of the way, I have the three Core Worlds star systems completed. Sirius is the homesystem of the most of the major races (specifically, they are from Azureus). It's largely a political capitol by the time of my book, with the population density on all inhabited planets relatively comfortable and stable. Fuu'u'll (pronounced foo (as in "food") ool (as in tool)) is the cultural capitol of the universe, holding the most people as well as the home planet of the first spacefaring race, Materia. Nexus is a Coruscant-like planet, with a single massive city covering all of the land surface of the planet (but about 70% of the surface is water). Toroi is the system claimed by one of the two human civilizations to spring up from Azureus at the same time as the Emarions. Officially their new capitol is Matica, but that being a water world (98-100% surface water) with only several thousand artificial Atolls hosting only several hundred people each, Weymuth is far more important to them.

    I'll post a little something on the method I used to create these maps a little bit later, but for now I need to try to find the right sources to credit for the tutorials I used.

    Next five maps will be found here, or in post 12 of this topic.
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