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Thread: Tropical forests and jungles for a Tolkien-esque map

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    Help Tropical forests and jungles for a Tolkien-esque map

    Hello everyone,

    How it's said in the title, I am looking for icons to realise tropical forests and jungles in a Tolkien-esque map style.

    I had only found palm trees viewed from the sky of RobA and Gameprinter and a thread of overlordchuck ( ) where he was looking for the same thing than me but no palm trees for a Tolkien-esque map or elements allowing the realisation of tropical forests and jungles.
    If somebody knows where I could find such elements, it would be cool

    Thanks for advance for your answers


    PS : I found the brush of rpgmapmaker on the thread which corresponds with what I was looking for but if there are others, thank for indicating it to me .
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