Hi Folks,

Like a lot of first posters, this is a cry for help.

So I've had great fun playing with Fractal Terrains Pro, and have finally got a world I considered passable. but I ran into the infamous "Rivers problem" described so well elsewhere in these forums.

Profantasy tech support helpfully sent me the link to the beta software, which I downloaded. However, I cannot get it to install and run. My system is Windows XP, and up to date with the latest service packs. I've read the included README files and realease notes, performed the recommended regedit, even uninstalled and re-installed FT Pro to move its directory to be directly off of C:\ just in case. But as soon as I replace the installed binaries with the downloaded beta versions, the program will no longer run. (I'm not in front of my system right now, or I'd post the specific error.) What I'm wondering is, have I missed something? Some secret (or blindingly obvious, thoroughly documented, only a moron wouldn't see this) installation procedure? Anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!