Well, I've been thinking. Perhaps we could have a new category:

Forums for anything that doesn't fit in anything else.

World Building
World Building discussion. Post your projects here for help or critique.

Science and Mapping
Post any scientific discussions relevent to maps here.

Role Playing
Go here to host or join a roleplay set on your maps or worlds.

That's basically my suggestion. The large heading would be the category (like, for example, "Gallery") and the bulleted headings underneath would be the forums (like, for example, "Finished Maps").

Now, the reasons for each:

-World Building: I'm almost sure that most users on this forum are world builders. World Building should have it's own forum as it encompasses more that just mapping. There are also things such as history, peoples, cultures, language, fauna, flora, etc. to consider, which kinda makes it off topic to post world building projects on existing forums.

-Science and Mapping: Simply put, this would be like the "Science Section" of the site. A forum like this would give users the opportunity to explain to others just how climate, tectonics, steller forces, etc. have influences on the look of worlds, and thus their maps, without going off topic on existing forums.

-Role Playing: Who doesn't like a good forum roleplay? Here you'll be able to use your maps as game settings. There really isn't anywhere in this site where one can do this without going off topic yet. I think this would be an awesome addition to the site. Infact, most of my maps are made for RP's.

So, there's my suggestion. To anyone with the power to add those, please consider it. Thanks. ^^