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Thread: *** June 2010 Challenge - Once Upon a Map ***

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    Default *** June 2010 Challenge - Once Upon a Map ***

    Again celebrating Djekspek's suggestion to host a challenge based on favorite books or movies, this month the Cartographer's Guild is proud to announce the June Mapping Challenge...

    Once Upon a Map

    Using a favorite book or movie for inspiration, create a map that depicts some aspect of that story that would be recognizable to someone who was well-familiar with the story. You can use any scale from battlemap to galaxy. The scope of the map can reflect anything from a single encounter in the story to the entire story. As an example, you could map the sword fight between Westley and Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride,

    or the journey through the Fire Swamp (complete with R.O.U.S),

    or even the hovel where Billy Crystal's character, Miracle Max lived.

    The sources of inspiration are endless, and though some of you aren't much for reading, I dare say that all of you have enjoyed a movie or two .

    And in case you think that nobody could make a map of The Princess Bride, think again...

    • Any member of the Cartographer's Guild is eligible to enter the monthly challenge.
    • No update to an entry will be permitted once the threads are locked for voting. Moderators will inform members of the impending lock down whenever someone remembers, which is somewhat iffy.
    • Challenge will usually be locked down about five days prior to the end of the month, with a new challenge being posted sometime between then and the beginning of the next month.
    • All are encouraged to enter the monthly challenge. Only one (or maybe two) win the challenge each time, but everyone who enters learns something about their craft and makes the event more fun for all involved.
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