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Thread: June Entry: Wheel of Time - from Falme to Fal Dara

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    Map June Entry: Wheel of Time - from Falme to Fal Dara

    My job is to get an entry in fast... one that makes everyone else thing, "gee, I can beat that!"

    Well here you go. My favorite books of all times are Robert Jordan's (RIP) Wheel of Time series. I have read and reread the series a number of times, which is a daunting undertaking as there are now twelve books and each is 800-1000 pages long. I just finished the twelth book for the first time. A chap named Brian Sanderson is finishing the series out after working with Robert Jordan for the months before his death. I must admit, being a solid Jordan fan, Sanderson is doing a good job. I thoroughly enjoyed the 12th book.

    Anyway, here's the first pass, with just the shapes of the land masses and the names of cities and countries put in. There are many settlements not included of course, and even though some small ones are there, they are included because of their significance to the story line, not because they are well-known in the world.

    As you'd expect, political borders tend to end where relatively impassable obstacles such as mountain ranges begin. Also note that much of the land is unclaimed. Even the mighty Tar Valon is outside the boundaries of any country.

    Not sure what the problem is with the attachment. I'll fix this as soon as I can get some assistance.

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