My name is Johannes (that's what the J. stands for) and from your average cartographer's point of view, I'm a newbie in cartography. At last I got used to make "political" maps (only cities, towns, borders, rivers, sea and text) with Adobe Illustrator CS4. I tried to get comfortable with Wilbur but that liaison wasn't quite successful so far. Why I registered here is the huge amount of collected know-how what made me to be very astonished about you guys (and of course women!). And I need also some help, but unfortunately the quickstart guide didn't answer my questions.

I may describe my problem here: I've a political map like described as above. The places where mountains and rough height levels should be are known. I already tried to make a grey-scale height relief and imported it as a selection into Wilbur. But that didn't look very good, the edges of the height levels were sharp and thick. Because I know where the mountains have to be, I can't use a random fractal noise filter... My great question is: How do I manage to get a good topographic map? Hopefully you understood my description.

And thank you to let me share this place with you!