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Thread: Requesting a Little village

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    Map Requesting a Little village

    Hello forum,
    My name is PJ Shaffer

    I am currently working on a project, not really sure ow far my project will go but im going to give it a shot! I will be more than happy to pay who ever wants to take upon this request.
    I amount can be discussed before the job is snatched up . Reason being is what I think is a fair price may not be what someone else thinks is a fair price.
    So I am requesting a Feudal Japan styled villages. I know sounds simple but the angle and style are the challenging parts.

    Now here comes the difficult part. As I said I would like a village but I would also like the village created in different styles. Reason being is in my project you can select which village you would like to join. For example, a Village with a forest theme to it, a desert theme, Snow theme, Mountain theme, Island theme, Plains with windmills around the village theme, inside a Volcano theme, and A village inside a Cavern. But in addition to this I would also like Nomadic Tribe styled versions of each. And lastly I would like to have 4 feudal lord Villages. This part can be interpreted any way you want ha ha. As I do not have any vision in mind really.
    I know is sounds like a ton of work as I am sure it really is a ton of work that is why I would like to discuss payments with the individual to work it all out. As for time frame I am not one to ask someone to do me a favor and then rush them this has no time limit, it is merely a project and I am at a Graphic point in which I am not so great at doing myself.

    The above link is a picture from a game Ninja Saga. I do not wish to Steal this picture, I like the angle of how the village is represented. So what I am asking is if anyone could create a village for me

    The Feudal Japan styled villages should include:

    Grand Master Tower, Hospital, Clan buildings, A Market Place, Tournament Arena, Registration Building, School, And a Gate.

    Nomadic Village: Chief Hut/Tent, Clan hut/Tent, Markets, Battle Field, Registration Hut/Tent, Teacher Hut/Tent, Gate

    Feudal Lord Villages will have: Daimyo Mansion, Hospital, Clan buildings, A Market Place, Tournament Arena, Registration Building, School, And a Gate.

    It would be most appreciated if someone could do this for me If anyone is interested please inform me Via here or my Email: rebelpjs - at-
    (remove the -- and convert "at" to @)

    As for dimension I would prefer
    Width 800
    Height 600

    Thank you

    if any additional information is needed or wanted feel free to ask or email them to me

    EDIT: fixed link
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    800x600 sounds like this is for a flash game? I ask because it's a different look than something which will be printed, or used via a virtual tabletop, etc. Good luck with your request!

    Also, I just tried to click that link and Google's telling me I don't have sufficient permissions to view the page.

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    Ha Ha indeed it is! thank you for taking the time to read through it. It is indeed for a flash game that I am working on. I have looked through all of the wonderful maps on here and found them all to be so fascinating! Once I seen all the great work I knew this would be the place to ask help from.

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    Well you've certainly come to the right place. The link is working much better now, and I don't think that angle will be all that bad. It's pretty standard for flash stuff. Also, I commend you for taking on a project of this magnitude; I do some flash coding for my day job (cartographer by night hehe) and I shudder to think of what is entailed in coding them, ActionScript not being among my favorite programming languages.

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    Dear Giddie,
    Ha ha thank you! Indeed it sure is A ton of work, but like I said im doing it as a hobbie So im doing a bit at a time. Ha ha well I just kinda figured it out by trial and error and a few buddies of mine know some stuff so they taught me things here and their when they had time. I just this interests someone enough to take on such a laborious task. I like to think of the end result when im scratching my head over problems I run across with the coding. But in the end I think it will be interesting.

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    Hi Gene, Each month we run a map challenge or two and there was one about two months ago to design a feudal japan village. Although I don't think you can directly use those villages as is you might get an idea of peoples styles here. I think Gamerprinter might like to get a nudge as he is developing a Japanese RPG setting and has family from there so has some additional knowledge about it. The view looking down at an angle (Iso) is one of Djekspeks specialty styles too.

    The guild challenge link:

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    Dear Redrobes,
    Indeed those are some really fascinating maps! I did get a reply from someone who is interested, but I am not sure just yet if he has officially taken up the request or not, I thank you though for your help! It is much appreciated! Your map is amazing as well Redrobe! But thank you again for your help!

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