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    Map Requesting a Little village

    Hello forum,
    My name is PJ Shaffer

    I am currently working on a project, not really sure ow far my project will go but im going to give it a shot! I will be more than happy to pay who ever wants to take upon this request.
    I amount can be discussed before the job is snatched up . Reason being is what I think is a fair price may not be what someone else thinks is a fair price.
    So I am requesting a Feudal Japan styled villages. I know sounds simple but the angle and style are the challenging parts.

    Now here comes the difficult part. As I said I would like a village but I would also like the village created in different styles. Reason being is in my project you can select which village you would like to join. For example, a Village with a forest theme to it, a desert theme, Snow theme, Mountain theme, Island theme, Plains with windmills around the village theme, inside a Volcano theme, and A village inside a Cavern. But in addition to this I would also like Nomadic Tribe styled versions of each. And lastly I would like to have 4 feudal lord Villages. This part can be interpreted any way you want ha ha. As I do not have any vision in mind really.
    I know is sounds like a ton of work as I am sure it really is a ton of work that is why I would like to discuss payments with the individual to work it all out. As for time frame I am not one to ask someone to do me a favor and then rush them this has no time limit, it is merely a project and I am at a Graphic point in which I am not so great at doing myself.

    The above link is a picture from a game Ninja Saga. I do not wish to Steal this picture, I like the angle of how the village is represented. So what I am asking is if anyone could create a village for me

    The Feudal Japan styled villages should include:

    Grand Master Tower, Hospital, Clan buildings, A Market Place, Tournament Arena, Registration Building, School, And a Gate.

    Nomadic Village: Chief Hut/Tent, Clan hut/Tent, Markets, Battle Field, Registration Hut/Tent, Teacher Hut/Tent, Gate

    Feudal Lord Villages will have: Daimyo Mansion, Hospital, Clan buildings, A Market Place, Tournament Arena, Registration Building, School, And a Gate.

    It would be most appreciated if someone could do this for me If anyone is interested please inform me Via here or my Email: rebelpjs - at-
    (remove the -- and convert "at" to @)

    As for dimension I would prefer
    Width 800
    Height 600

    Thank you

    if any additional information is needed or wanted feel free to ask or email them to me

    EDIT: fixed link
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