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Thread: ...make a map using photoshop?

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    Default ...make a map using photoshop?

    I was using Campaign Cartographer all the time, but I'm a bit tired, because all maps looks the same. I want to create a map for my new book, and I've decided to use photoshop.

    Maybe you can give me some advice.

    I'll also post the progress here.

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    This forum is generally for finished tutorials rather than requests for information. This kind of question is best placed in the How do I... ? forum.

    That said, I'd recommend a number of the tutorials in this forum to get you started. For Photoshop I'd suggest going through Ascension's My Atlas Style in PS. It's a good start in PS and will get you some nice results. Then throw up a WIP in the relevant mapping forum and with some comments you'll be getting there in no time.

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    yep, as torstan said, look in the tutorial threads (start with the sticky threads) try some - and post in the WIP ... and we'll be glad to offer advice then, we're a lot of experienced photoshop users in here
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    Ok, thanks for advice. I'll start right there. =)

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