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Thread: Would someone please make a better contour/atlassy version of my Rhothar world?

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    Help Would someone please make a better contour/atlassy version of my Rhothar world?

    Ok, well, this thread either proves how lazy or unskilled I am. Both scenarios are probably correct.

    Anyway, I'm currently writing a novel based on the world on this WIP. Now, I want to make a version of the map (atached to this post at bottom) that looks more atlas-like or perhaps simply has better (and more varied) contours. I've tried tutorials from this forum, but I keep hitting issues that no one can/will help me with... -.- SO, I've decided that getting someone to do it for me (gees that sounds so shallow for some reason).

    What I'm looking for:

    • A map improvement simmilar to Acention's atlas style or atleast something with better contours
    • Something alot more realistic than the origional conserning coastlines and mountain range-shapes
    • A scale-up would be okay, aslong as the continent/island shapes stay the same
    • I'd appreciate minor edits to any coatlines but for that of the three islands in the semi-center (the one of the sea in the center and the two smaller islands directly west of it)
    • You may add rivers and lakes (please?) based off the rough locations of mountains and valleys (check out the WIP to see which areas are savanna/jungle/etc.)
    • If you're going for a more satelite-ish look, then the contours really aren't neccicary. In this case, adding what you'd think the climate-zones would look like from space would be appreciated
    • The end-product should not have its poles skrewed when orbed, so you may want to check it in Google Sketchup or something simmilar before calling it finished.

    I don't care about any copyright issues. I think common curtacy to not use the map for your own goals (unless to gain rep. or show off - that's completely fine) will be sufficient.

    So, would someone please do this for me? I'll rep you up, even if I don't like the map! ^^
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