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    I was directed here to find maps that might be useful in a Shadowrun game I am running online using a VTT. And I must say I found some nice ones.

    I plan on sticking around and maybe contributing soon as I can get me a program or two to make some maps.. If you know any decent free ones please link me. I used to draw maps using simple pencil and graph paper back in the day for AD&D games and such but I guess were now in the digital age. so I am looking forward to learning some of the new stuff.

    If anyone has any good maps of cities, buildings, streets etc that would work for Shadowrun please link me to them.

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    Hiya and welcome! The best free program (although I use it for just about everything so I may be biased) is the GIMP, which can be downloaded from I don't know much about Shadowrun, but it looks like you're looking in the right places of the forum already

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    Shadowrun is basically a setting that takes place in our future. Magic has come back to the world. upon that happened people started to change into Elves dwarfs trolls and orc among other various creatures... There is also high tech such as cybernetics for both practical and cosmetic uses.. Corporations are as powerful in some cases more powerful then governments corporate espionage is on whole new levels. It is a lot of fun.

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    If I remember Shadowrun you play in the Seattle area ? I am sure you can get some free to use maps of that area and then mod them a bit. I played it once and it was looking like a great game but the GM sorta bailed out and we didn't actually play all that much. I likes the concepts in it tho - cybernetics, hacker / ICE's etc. I think a lot of what was described in that game in the 80's has been remarkably prescient. In some areas we haven't quite got to the point they were describing, in others we've already surpassed it.

    Theres loads of cities here but not so many modern ones. And for city blocks with cars, wreaks, oil drums and so on I think you can find a lot of those items already so its a case of gathering them up and using them with some kind of stamp utility to make up some maps. The nice thing about modern maps is that you can often get 3D models of a lot of stuff and just render them top down to get an icon for it.

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