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    I've been drawing maps and writing fantasy shorts for a while now. Most of them set in my world of Ranamare. I only use pen/pencil for my maps. For me photoshop and other programs tent to de-mapify the map, if that makes sense. I've drawn up a world map for the first time. I've just got to ink it in and finish city placements. I mostly do regional and city/castle maps. So the world map is basically just a process of stitching together.

    I'm not going to be uploading the world map for ages. The one I have now is just basic mountains, cost, rivers ad borders... It's just for my own reference at the minute.

    I'll be uploading some city maps shortly though. If my scanner will corporate.

    Anywho... I've been looking around and I'm seeing allot of good maps and I can't wait to contribute.

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    Welcome Aboard!

    Looking forward to seeing what you can do...
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    I'm working on a city now 'Avalon Tor' I should have it done this time next week

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    Hi Kupagi, welcome to the guild. Even though I do most of my graphics in the computer, I do understand what you mean... its a question of working with the tools you're confortable with
    I look forward to seing your maps, and please remember that you don't have to wait for a map to be finished to post - in the WIP forums you can post a Work-In-Progress and get critisism and help before finishing it
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    Welcome to the Guild!

    Glad to see some hand drawn mappers coming in, seems like everything is digital nowadays

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