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    Well someone had to do it

    Maps of Middle Earth have been done to death so I thought I'd try something a little different (just for a change, lol!) and do an info-graphic of the journey. LOTR is a great one to pick as there are tonnes of stats on the web on distances from A to B and dates.

    My objective is to cram as much information into the chart as I possibly can while keeping it relatively clear and allowing the reader to cross-reference data. So for example, in the chapter 'Flight to the Ford' you can see that Frodo had Sam, Merry, Pippin and Aragorn with him, he was travelling in an easterly direction for about 30 miles between the dates of August 3rd and September 29th.

    Here's what I have so far:

    a. Distance travelled from one location to the next
    b. Dates
    c. Key events (When Frodo puts on the ring, Frodo in danger, other key events)
    d. Companions with Frodo during the journey
    e. Chapters of the book which cover sectors of the journey
    f. Relative number of pages in each chapter (the blue bar chart at the bottom) - not sure what it's for but it's a statistic!
    g. Direction of travel (the little arrows).

    Can you guys think of any other statistics that could be included that are readily available?

    All the data is dummy stuff while I get the feel of it nailed down. It's probably going to be a lot longer and thinner. The trip down the Anduin may be a problem they coverered a vast amount of ground in one or two chapters and very quickly so there will be a huge spike in the graph there...


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