Greetings, everyone. I've been lurking here for ages and finally decided to post a map I'm working on. I've been running the Kobold Hall adventure on Fantasy Grounds II a lot lately (demo games for people; I have an ultimate license), and something that annoyed me about the map I scanned from the DMG is I just couldn't quite get the map sized to 50 pixel squares. Decided it would be a good map for me to really start to explore CC3/DD3 with, and attached is my current progress with the map. I really learned a whole lot while making this map, starting with the cutout wall style (thanks, NeonKnight) to the lighting effects (which I daresay I completely get, now). I did the ledges/stairs by drawing lines on sheets that cast shadows in different directions. Art and textures are from DD3, CSUAC, and a few things snagged from DJ forums. I'm still working on this map, trying to decide if I want to stay very simple or fill it with symbols and make it look more realistic, lived-in.

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I'd be happy to hear comments, critiques, or questions about how I did anything.