Hi there! My name is Chris and I would definitely like some help with this issue. For years I have been creating and occasionally writing about a world of mine. When I think of it, I always think of it in the 30s, 1933 when their war began....but that is me rambling now. The main continent I would like mapped is that if Fidelea, which is the "europe" of this world. The continent contains the main nation of Dynstieecountee, which is like a mix between scandinavia and northern europe, as well as Vickerscount - which lies on a thin piece of land opening onto a sea. On other side of Vickerscount, and around half of this sea, is the great and mighty Sucran empire, which extends far into the East. The Enaren Empire borders the Sucran Empire further north, with a northern coast rather than the southern coast of Vickerscount. Dulgain is basically a scandinavian country, so it would be good if it was in the same area with roughly the same shape There are various other nations, whose size and location currently do not matter, so it is up to you!

I thank anyone who would like to take this onboard! If there are any questions etc I will be happy to answer them