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    Default The Port City of Amlathran

    My last city drove me to the brink of insanity, and now I'm back.

    Here is the base plan for the small port city of Amlathran, one of the six free cities (say that really fast ten times) of the Cothiqua Islands. Since it's not in the Dal Lands like my last city was I can try some new building types that wouldn't be found in Dal cities. Hello rounded stone towers and goodbye to the aversion to the colour red, basically this city is going to have more of a European feel. To preserve my insanity the city is going to be smaller, but when have I ever kept anything small and simple? While smaller it will also be a little more lively and characterful as in there will more variance in the building shapes, a few more misc features and other signs of life like boats and other vessels. I'm also looking to achieve more of a tropical look to my city, just to make it more interesting and break from my other darker maps.

    The basic plan has been drawn up and is quite simple. The purple is where the walls, towers and castle will be, the grey is the main roads and city square, the brown is the lower end wooden roof houses outside the city while that ugly peach colour is the higher end tiled roofed houses inside the city. More to come soon.

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