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Thread: Hi! New and could use some help

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    Help Hi! New and could use some help

    Hey, I just got into map making and had to join this site when I saw it. However, I'm not very good at drawing maps on MS paint and I was wondering if there is anyone who would know of any programs or strategies that I could use. Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Oh, I forgot to say I only want to know of programs I can use that I don't have to pay for.

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    Look at our software forum, there's a list of software in there and where to get them. Of the free stuff the best recommendation would be GIMP for image editing and Inkscape for vector drawing - there's lots of tutorials for both in the tutorials section.

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    Go become good friends with GIMP. There are plenty of other free programs but GIMP is great and RobA is the GIMP God who will help you do all things GIMP.
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    welcome to the guild, and I second the folks above.. GIMP should be your weapon of choice
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    GIMP is definitely the best free program I've seen. It's best to experiment with several, because everyone will have different ways of doing the same thing. However, if you want to hit the ground running and get going, I would definitely suggest GIMP. There are also a lot of tutorials for it here on the site, as well as a few tutorials of Photoshop converted to GIMP.

    Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your first map.

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