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    Map Iceberg Psihold


    This was just a quick iceberg dungeon I threw together for use in FantasyGrounds or equivalent program which can snap on a grid. It's not fancy, it's not cool, and I used some map elements from the guild (Thanks GP, Redrobes, and anyone else). The dungeon is a stasis cell for 3 psions, one of which is a PC, and 2 of which are evil. The psions are meant to be imprisoned in the polygonal ice blocks at the bottom level. The hole in the iceberg is a chute down to the bottom level, and the PCs must find a way out. Sarcophagi underneath the ice bricks open to reveal corpses holding weapons (spear, double-headed spear, trident) which melt different ice walls when put into the statue's hands. The psions are meant to use mental powers to fight over the PCs to sway them to thaw their respective blocks first.

    After this, there are traps in the ground (not detailed on map for obvious reasons) which can set off 5' boulders flying down the upward-winding tunnel (think FF8 Lunatic Pandora in dream world sequences with Laguna on Disc 1). If that didn't make any sense to you, don't worry. Anybody with a functioning brain and a postive-integer IQ could come up with a dungeon floorplan as simple as this, but anyone is free to use it and I don't need credit.

    Level 2 should have some kind of ice guardians - maybe an giant ice frog (haha @ Quebecers) which leaps across the lethal sub-freezing pools and attacks with a long tongue. Frigid, invulnerable zombies (the corpses previous adventurers) slowly climb out of the pools and chase the PCs around until they manage to slay the ice frog and escape the undead-ridden tomb. The reward? Our friend, a psion player character, of course!

    Hope it's of some use or inspiration!

    (the images may be out of order)

    edit: I threw together a little riddle. The riddle itself doesn't make sense, but any good DM could BS his way into making it apply based on the number of spearheads on the weapon, based on the number of eyes of the psions, based on the number of sides on the polygonal ice blocks. Not great, but something is better than nothing:

    The seabed is deep while the flotsam's afloat;
    A singular mind will turn fishes to boats.

    A clam is the safest when left undisturbed;
    To pry it unclosed will make actions reverbed.

    If death means escaping a prison of blue,
    Three legs is faster than running with two.

    OK! Enjoy!
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