'llo folks. First post in a while, but I wanted to share this little map, hoping for a bit help with improving readability. My group's current campaign has been centered (more or less) around the reclamation, restoration, and the reputation of a long defunct and abandoned Adventurer's Guild. It's been a fun diversion - a kind of side-quest, and a place for them to funnel their loot as they progress, along with providing them with a base of operations and creating ties to the city around them. With the addition of a storefront within the guild (that they themselves stock with the less impressive spoils of an adventurer's day-to-day) the building actually generates income for them at this point.
The building was essentially a moldering ruin when they first came upon it, and after clearing the building's cellars of an infestation of giant rats (aaahhh... level 1), haggling with zoning commissioners, dealing with shady contractors, several chests of gold, an aggressive recruitment program to fill the guild's ranks with novices, arguing about additions amongst themselves, and nearly a year of actual game time, they are really enjoying their new guildhall and their hard-earned status as trusted protectors and benefactors to the city. The best part has been the time spent sketching out the blueprints with the group, drawing them into a collaborative mapping project. At any rate - here is the up-and-running guildhall floorplan at present.

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Thanks for taking the time to look, and C&C is always welcome.