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Thread: Black & White Mapping Tutorial

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    Default Black & White Mapping Tutorial

    There are those of us who come here to make fantasy maps for our roleplaying game campaigns, and there are some of us who may plan to release these maps to the public, or even public them in a "game setting" book.

    I challenge the community to create black and white mapping tutorials for independent roleplaying game developers who can use them to create high-quality maps in black and white and put them into books that require all artwork to be in black and white (as many print-on-demand options require).

    It is quite obvious that someone could just make a map in color, then change it to gray scale, but that's not the intent here: the intent is to make the best-looking, highest-quality city/town and landmass/world maps as possible in black and white from start to finish. I would be especially interested in town/city mapping from start to finish in black and white, but I would settle for anything.

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    I would think both...
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    Honestly you basically need greyscale and plain lineart-style maps. But honestly if I was going to create them for myself, I'd tend to do them in colour and then desaturate them later for printing.
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    I could probably take any of my hand-drawn maps, pull the color out and you're left with a strictly B/W map, and would like fine - no grayscale.

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