I created a small map for my campaign and decided it was time to make a larger one (3' x 3' or thereabouts) and have it printed. Before I started I thought it would be a good idea to look into printing to find out what it would cost and what limitations (if any) the printers may have. Being in a small town with few options, I stopped by kinkos. Their best price was $7.25 per square foot plus $3.00 per square foot if I wanted to have it laminated. For 3' x 3' that comes to $65.25 ($92.25 laminated). He couldn't tell me what weight paper it was other than it was "heavier weight" but not card stock.

Never having done this before I had in my head that it would be around $20 for 3' x 3' glossy card stock. Apparently, I wasn't even close. But $65 for plain paper seems a bit high. What do you folks think?