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    ._. accidentally posted in archives first... dohl!

    Heya, so my friend and I are currently working on a browser game (currently nearing beta stage, found at One of the things I'm speccing out right now is a "Risk"-esque Clan vs Clan feature: I can design game mechanics but my imagination for lore or map-making is downright horrid. I need someone that can help me design and draw a world map. I'll work with you (I promise I'm not a client from hell) by giving feedback whenever you need and making dumb mockups.

    Commission: I actually have no clue what a fair price is. $75+? Negotiable, definitely, haha.

    Time Constraints: No real time constraints at the moment because my friend (the programmer) is currently working on other features. Maybe a month?

    I'd like a semi-cartoony style to match our character art. Examples of character art:

    An example of the style I have in mind:

    Another example of the "cartoony but serious" feel, as well as the size:

    Link to full size (careful, it's big)

    Some more examples, taken from Dino-RPG. When the map is done I'd like to add in some lines on another layer so people can see where the attack routes are.

    Description of Map:

    Although I don't have a set idea on how the map should look, I have some features I would like the map to have.
    • Lots of different types of geography (refer to the Ascadia and Northrend maps)
    • Should have attack routes or some way so the player can see exactly where he can move.
    • Map should have some landmarks: Lairs, where boss monsters spawn. Village/Cities/Sanctuaries, where people can spawn from and is a "no-kill zone". Fabled Cities or some other things, where players can get special equipment. Maybe some other features, but for now that's it.

    Quality & Size

    We'll be using this for an online game, so it needs to look moderately good. If the quality is similar to any of the example maps I linked to this post, I'd be satisfied.

    I touched on size in the "Style" Section (Northrend map). It'll be pretty big.

    Copyright - I will have the right to use the image for commercial purposes, the artist will have the right to exhibit the image as part of his portfolio but not to exploit it for commercial gain.

    If interested, I can answer more questions about the game or whatever else.


    Email: tehmuffinman[at]
    AIM: sk121bbl3
    MSN: sk121bbl3[at]

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    Not quite sure if this is a style your looking for or not, but check out my two works in process(which I really will finish at some point):

    the first is a regional map(which I am quite proud of, even if it's not finished)


    Just go to the last part of posts to see some of the last work I have done on either of this. Not cartoony, but I figured I would throw it out there just in case.
    My Finished Maps
    Works in Progress(or abandoned tests)
    My Tutorials:
    Explanation of Layer Masks in GIMP
    How to create ISO Mountains in GIMP/PS using the Smudge tool
    Unless otherwise stated by me in the post, all work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.

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