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Thread: Iron Age Celtic setting ideas for a Pathfinder campaign

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    Default Iron Age Celtic setting ideas for a Pathfinder campaign

    I'm currently early in the stages of development for an Iron Age Celtic setting and campaign for a possible publication release next year. Of coure I'm using the Pathfinder RPG system, but the setting has some unique aspects more fitting a pre-Roman fantasy Celtic World. And of course I will create maps for it eventually.

    The three primary differences between my setting and standard Pathfinder settings are the following:

    1. Although Celts can certainly learn to read and write the analog Etruscan and Mycenaean cultural languages from the southern fringes of their territories, the Celtic religion forbids recording of rituals, thus as a society the Celts are illiterate. This includes history, science, arcane and divine practices, bardic knowledge which are fields that all require long study and rote memorization.

    Celtic wizards (myrrdin) and bards rely on tattoos as means of holding daily spells, as well as the artificer skills in placing magic item abilities as tattoos placed on any Celtic character. Celtic scrolls are manifested by intertwining beast/fey hairs, bronze, silver or gold wire as material components with hemp rope and creating specific knots to hold the magic. Untying the knots release the spell. Essentially replace the "spellbook" and "scroll" mechanics in Bard or Wizard, and its all flavor from there.

    2. The Pathfinder/OGL Druid is more of a shifter and does not really fit the idea of a Celtic Druid, so the Druid class is restricted from the setting. Druid is now a Trait which confers proscription from harm by all members of Celtic society and is comprised of the educated caste of Celtic society comprised of: Bard, Myrrdin, Oracle and Witch. The Oracle class best fits the archetypal Celtic druid.

    3. The Cleric, Fighter, and Paladin classes do not belong in Celtic society, while the former two might be found in the Etruscan/Mycenaean cultures, the latter doesn't belong in the setting at all. As for fighters, Celts lack the discipline and drilling required to be true fighters. In my setting the Clan Warrior fits the role of fighter, and is a kind of missing link martial class between barbarian origins and later specialized martial classes like fighter and ranger...

    Celtic Clan Warrior:
    Hit Dice d10
    Full BAB
    Fighter Saves
    Skill Ranks per level: 4 + Int modifier
    Class Skills: Acrobatics, Climb, Craft, Handle Animals, Intimidate, Knowledge: Nature, Perception, Ride, Survival, Swim.
    All simple and martial weapons, plus one exotic clan weapon of choice
    Restricted to medium armor (no breastplate) and any shield, including tower shields.

    1st level: Clan Warrior Feat, Skill Focus: Intimidation
    2nd level: Rage Power
    3rd level: Shield Training 1
    4th level: Favored Enemy (Celtic Clan)
    5th level: Clan Warrior Feat
    6th level: Rage Power
    7th level: Shield Training 2
    8th level: Favored Enemy (as per Ranger List)
    9th level: Clan Warrior Feat
    10th level: Rage Power
    11th level: Shield Training 3
    12th level: Favored Enemy (as per Ranger List)
    13th level: Clan Warrior Feat
    14th level: Rage Power
    15th level: Shield Training 4
    16th level: Favored Enemy (as per Ranger List)
    17th level: Clan Warrior Feat
    18th level: Rage Power
    19th level: Shield Training 5
    20th level: Shield Master, Favored Enemy (as per Ranger List)

    Clan Warrior Feats: currently building a list of 12 to 15 feats, some as prerequesite chains, so far: Deflect Arrows, Del Chliss (2H str bonus with spear), Spear Catching, Improved Salmon Leap (Salmon Leap Combat Maneuver*), Spear Kick, Flying Charge, War Sling Focus, War Sling Master.

    Rage Powers: as per Barbarian class feature, at half progression, no mighty rage ability.

    Shield Training: because Celtic Clan Warriors are restricted to medium armor and shields, shields become of greater importance as well as the most common type of armor available, as expensive bronze scale, ring and chain mail are reserved for clan leaders and champions. Gain +1 deflection bonus to AC, reduce armor check penalty by 1 (shield only), and increases the maximum dexterity bonus by 1 (shield only).

    Favored Enemy: using this as per Ranger class feature, as raiders and heroes, Clan Warrior uses the Ranger Favored Enemies Table. The first selection of Favored Enemy must be a specific enemy Celtic Clan, as a requirement for the setting, applying especially to raids, only one clan can be chosen.

    Shield Master: as a 20th level capstone power, shield masters use their shields as if they are one size category smaller, and half the check penalty unless otherwise stated. Thus tower shields, for example, are considered medium shields by its wielder.

    *Salmon Leap is a new combat maneuver that can be performed by Celtic Clan Warror. Against a flat-footed opponent make a verticle jump allowing warrior to make a single attack as a standard action, bypassing opponents shield AC bonus, but incurs an Attack of Opportunity. (Improved Salmon Leap clan warrior feat negates this incurred Attack of Opportunity.)

    Del Chliss feat is the same as using a 2-handed weapon gaining half your strength bonus added to damage, but applies to any Celtic Spear.

    Spear Kick feat, by placing your spear on the ground, you can kick your spear at your enemy for double strength bonus to damage, but confers a -2 attack, and you are considered flat-footed due to odd body position required for kick maneuver.

    Improved Spear Kick feat, lessens penalty to -1 attack, and lose half your dex bonus, but are not considered flat-footed.

    War Sling Focus: add 10 foot effective range for sling missle combat and +1 hit.

    War Sling Master: critical hits with sling stones are automatically confirmed, and gain a +1d6 damage.

    Flying Charge:something like Pounce, still developing.

    I want to create a few more Clan Warrior Feats for more options.

    Clan Warrior Weapons: free bonus exotic martial weapon applies to one from the following (growing) list available: falcata (falchion stats), gladius, lance, pilum javelin, gae bolg barbed spear, long spear, dirk, war sling.


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    don't really know much about that age in time... but I love the knot idea.. really cool - and nice feat ideas to, Salmon leap (great name), shield training (should it say the bonus is pr level of feat).
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