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    Wip The City of Shiel

    Well I have just found this site and it is awesome!

    This is one of my first attempts at making a map. I am playing a PnP D&D game and I volunteered to make the map of the city. The GM left a lot of it up to me to work out which is good. It is a magical city, meaning a lot of the city maintenance is done by magic. Also, the city has small towns in it, like elves, dwarves and gnome/halflings. not sure how I am going to represent that yet. I am going to add buildings in the numbered circles so that should help with diversifying the city. Also I am have trouble finding a way to add represent cobble streets. Oh and the smaller circle is a castle still not sure how I am going to do that either.

    I am going for more of a drawn look but have been more worried about just getting the symbols down.

    City Map Key
    1. St. Cuthberth (combative deity of Wisdom, Dedication, and Zeal)
    2. Pelor (god of sun, light, strength and healing.)
    3. Parliament (Government)
    4. Arena
    5. City Municipal building (maintenance building /guards/ police station)
    6. Magic academy [Boccob (god of magic, arcane knowledge, balance and foresight) and Wee Jas (goddess of magic, death, vanity, and law)]
    7. Moradin (god of dwarves)
    8. Yondalla (goddess of halflings)
    9. Market place (the Big Little market =) )
    10. Garl Glittergold (god of gnomes, humor, and gemcutting)
    11. Kord (god of athletics, sports, brawling, strength, and courage)
    12. Corellon Larethian (god of elves, magic, music, and arts)
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