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    Default Sculptris

    Anyone here use 3d tools?

    I ran across Sculptris which looks pretty neat.

    Haven't played with it though, I assume it might be like Z-brush (which I also have never used...)

    Here is a demo:

    -Rob A>

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    Hehe... I think it's pretty funny that the screencap instance has the pointer right in the guys nose.... perhaps I am just a bit juvenile today....
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    That's very cool - and looks to be free too. Should be fun to mess about with.

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    Reminds me a bit of Carrara
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    If this is free I am so going to play with this! Thanks for the link.
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    I tried playing around with it for a while, but it keeps crashing on me.

    otherwise, it is a very cool program. Good find

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    This program was posted about here on the guild a long time back. I thought it was cool at the time and played about with it. I remember that it was impressive cos it did dynamic subdivision of the mesh as you mess about with it. It was pretty stable for me then.

    Phew - what a search - here it is. It was Su-Liam:

    But yeah its very good and now that he has released it I will grab it and try it again and see if this time it has some model exports in it. This could be a boon for me at this point actually.

    Since this is a 3D app then if it crashes it could be your driver. If it crashes a lot then its not likely to be the app and most probably your driver. If you want to fix that then shout and I will look at it or provide some links to help out.
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