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    Ok, so I see on this month's Challenge entry that Ascension has made a new post. Often times I just click on the "Go To Last Post" button and start from there, especially if it is a forum I have been keeping up with. Anyway, I do this and there is no post. So I then navigate to the thread manually and still no post.

    Basically, the forum says there are posts to the thread but there are no posts there. The only good guess I can think of is maybe the post was deleted? Then I think, "this is Ascension, he wouldn't get deleted." So in the end I'm thinking something has gone wrong somewhere.

    Thanks once again for your support.

    OH, I almost forgot, on a side note that may or may not be related, when I posted my Latest WIP the night before this mystery post my thumbnail did not work. I haven't heard of that also frying out anyones thread but who knows.

    UPDATE: I was able to go to Ascension's userid and click on view all posts by this user where I could read what he had posted in that thread. After which I went back to the thread which still did not show his post. I then entered a new post on my thread and viola, when that updated there was Ascension's post.

    I noticed that this occurred on the second page of the thread with Ascension's post being the first entry of page 2. Is there a bug where the first entry of page 2 (or any page) does not show up until another post has been made or was this just a coincidence of server lag or something? Everything looks fine now but just in case this keeps happening maybe this information can be of help.
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